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Clergy, Staff and Officers


  • Vicar: Rev. David Rowett Telephone 01652-632202. E-mail:
    Also Vicar of Horkstow and Rector of Saxby-All-Saints and South Ferriby and Rural Dean of Yarborough.
  • Assistant Clergy:
  • Ordained Local Minister: Rev. Alan Wright
  • Associate Priest: Rev. Liz Brown. E-mail:
  • Diocesan Readers: Dr. Peter Large (E-mail:, Mrs Sue Brennan
  • Local Ministry Team: Guy Hobson, Rachel Hobson, Margaret Searle, Michael Searle, Susan Wright
  • Churchwardens: Valerie Dukes, Geoffrey Brown

You can see photographs of all the above, plus all the members of the Parochial Church Council, on the noticeboard at the back of the church (outside the choir vestry).

Trainee Staff

(name to appear soon)

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Last updated: 17 April, 2018